Peak Performance Registration

Peak Performance is a state in which a person performs to the maximum of their ability, characterized by feelings of confidence, effortlessness, and total concentration on the job at hand. The Young Automotive Group takes pride in self-development combined with peak performance. Selected applicants will experience accelerated growth and exposure through a rigorous daily routine based on physical, mental, and performance-based accountability. Apply now for the Young Automotive Peak Performance training program running from 9.22.2020 – 10.20.2020

9.22 – Peak Productivity

If there has ever been a time to equip to become uniquely focused, disciplined, and productive now is that time. For the bold, ambitions, and progressive-minded achiever now is the greatest time of opportunity in human history. Mental and physical strength are requisite to achieving peak performance. Participants will implement a new system of living, including physical fitness, based on SYSR’s Balanced Achievement Pyramid. 

10.6 – Peak Communication

Being able to communicate and persuade customers, teams, and individuals matters. But ask yourself: do you really know how to powerfully inform, persuade, and inspire action in yourself and others? The answer is probably no. Within this workshop participants will learn to give presentations utilizing the ‘Hook, Meat, and Payoff’ formula to convey information. Although a structured approach creates value among audiences, powerful communication lies within true connection. 

10.20 – Peak Influence

Influence is the power to have an important effect on someone or something. Each of us have influence on a daily basis, some of us are influencing others for the good, while others are simply falling short. Within Peak Influence we review several core concepts of your personal mindset, influencing with character, and eliminating diminisher tendencies. This offsite workshop invites participants to self-evaluate, commit, and enjoy a team unification experience.