Our unique approach to sales enablement, management development, and coaching drive higher adoption of performance behaviors and up to a 300% better return on training investment. The Center of Excellence (COE) is a dedicated team that specializes in training, mentoring, and project management. The COE is committed to building employees, teams, and organizations to reach their fullest potential. The foundation of COE training includes time management, communication, accountability, and leadership.

“The COE supports and enables success within the Young Automotive Group. One of the ways that I measure business success is by the personal development and impact of individuals within teams. I take pride in building teams that can achieve great things,” says Spencer Young, Young Automotive Group President.

Through its training programs, custom engagements, and online resources, the Center of Excellence provides training to more than 1,687 Young Automotive Group employees within Utah and Idaho. The COE provides training programs on Management, Leadership, Sales, and Customer Service.