Permanent Impressions

Very seldom do you come across someone in sales who will consciously work on their brand, for the short-term remembrance or long-term benefit.

Tapping into that natural drive—to be remembered—is key for a successful sales or customer service career.

No two people are exactly the same, and no two people ever will be. Knowing that you are a one-of-a-kind is very empowering. Perhaps it motivates you to become well known and recognized for all the things that make you who you are.

Do you want to be known as more than just another passerby, or just another person a customer smiles and interacts with? Are you just another person they follow on social media?

Are you a permanent marker in your customer’s world or are you erasable?

I love the word “Indelible.” It’s the definition of a successful Customer Service Representative. It should be the goal of every salesperson.

So how do you make your permanent mark in a customer’s ledger? How do you keep them coming back for more?

The other day, I picked up a permanent marker and examined it from all angles. This is what I’ve come away with.

How to create permanent impressions:

  1. Work on all surfaces:

A permanent marker is capable of writing on most materials like paper, metal or stone…

  • Be just as flexible, open enough to work with all customers. Adapt to their personalities. If they’re in a rush, help them to get out of the door. If they seem upset, use empathy to connect and solve their issues. Listen to their needs.
  • Go the extra mile. Share product videos, or use social media to brand yourself as a product ambassador. Make your brand unforgettable. Join networking groups or look to meet others with similar interests. Use those opportunities to promote your brand as a sales or customer service specialist.
  • Grade your performance and look for ways to improve. Work through obstacles and continually be proactive in your pursuit. Aim for shorter response times.
  1. Saturate layers:

Permanent markers have a bleed through, seeping through to additional pages.

Apply that concept to your customer base—make a non-erasable impression.

  • Get to know your customer. Not just on the surface level, build deeper relationships. I haven’t phoned or seen my chiropractor for over a year now. I called them the other day and the assistant—Carly—at the front desk recognized my voice, the minute I greeted her. She remembered my name and even asked if I’d finished writing my first novel yet? That’s impressive.
  • Remember names.
  • What are your customer’s interests?
  • What do they value? What matters to your customer?
  • What products are they interested in and why?
  • If you do a great job, your customer will spread the word, creating new business. That’s a bleed through into other pages of their lives.
  1. Make an Impression:

A permanent marker is bold and stands out on the page. The saturated color makes a statement. Back in the sixties and seventies, many celebrities and rock stars used permanent markers to sign autographs, for this very reason.

Be deliberate in your interactions and be aware of your delivery.

  • Use positive language – utilize buzzwords from your industry to get your customer excited about product.
  • Have good product knowledge. Many customers have already done their online research. Be an informative partner that assists them throughout the process.
  • Be aware of any bad habits or repetitive phrases you might use. Ask your colleagues for constructive feedback on your greeting, delivery or appearance. Be open to criticism.

Instead of focusing on closing, focus on helping new customers. Become that permanent fixture in their lives. It’s time to make an impression. Developing your own stamp will build collaborative relationships with your customer.

What’s your permanent mark?


September 6th, 2018 – by Bridget Perrin