Disney Happiness


“There is no magic in magic, it’s all in the details.”

Walt Disney


At Disney, every contact with a customer offers a chance to shine. Disney calls these contacts “Moments of Truth” … the opportunities to create everlasting positive impressions! And because the company demands excellence as an organizational absolute, even its fiercest competitors acknowledge that Disney is simply the best customer-centric company on the planet! 

Over a series of articles posted once a week, we’re going to be focusing on some of the details that creates Disney Magic. 

Disney Detail #1: Happiness

Disney’s main goal is to make people happy and preserve the impression that the Disney is a place where dreams come true. 

The Disney mantra:

We create happiness by providing the finest in family entertainment.”

It’s common knowledge that emotions are often more powerful than logic when it comes to buying decisions. That’s why it’s always important to tap into what makes your customers or clients feel good about buying from you and focus on that in your delivery and fulfillment systems.

Below are the service guidelines that Disney used in the 1960’s. Even though these Guidelines don’t exist in this form anymore, the spirit of the Guidelines are very much in practice by Disney employees to this day.

Disney’s Seven Service Guidelines:

Disney Detail #1

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