30 Days/30 Ways

Accelerated Leadership Development (30-Day Push)

The Young Center of Excellence is in search of five YAG employees that will be part of a beta test group during the month of March. Selected applicants will experience advanced personal development, report daily exercise, and follow a strict diet. All participants will engage in daily group reporting and accountability. This beta test is designed to build physical and mental strength among leadership accountability partners. We are looking for a handful of top performers that are shaped by fire and discipline, or they are cloned from the DNA collected from Chuck Norris’ sweat. The problem is… Chuck Norris doesn’t sweat. If you find the following description to be tedious or exhausting please save yourself the time and embarrassment and simply do not apply. Mutant-Rockstar applicants only please!

30 Days/30 Ways Program Expectations:

Daily Exercise

-30 consecutive days

-30 minute minimum daily

Strict Diet

-30 days consecutive strict diet

-No sweets, treats, or bad carbs


-30 hand written gratitude notes

-30 total (1 daily)

-30 days of journaling + strict daily planning


-30 pages per day

-30 days consecutively


-daily text & weekly group conference call

-100% transparency in group reporting